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Bill Pemberton
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Very sad news about Tony, and pleasant news about my good friend Dan Cragin. The story and pictures of the NVE were both exciting and somewhat tough to read as I had to make a personal decision about the Event as it was during the 50th Anniversary of the SCCA Solo Nationals. With the fact that I and a few other folks had started the Salina Region of the SCCA and we helped with the logistics of the event while it was held there in the 80s and 90s, and it was where I met my future Employer Bob Woodhouse, the heartstrings were pulling both directions. What helped with the decision was the fact that my son, Ryan , is Nationally competitive in his 2006 EVO 9 ( he was 2nd in his Class at the 2022 Nationals ) and as his ” Quasi-Official ” tire warmer Dad needed to be there to help out. In all honesty I knew if he garnered the Championship and I was not there I would not be able to console myself, so I am afraid all my Viper buddies had to come in second. Thanks so much to those that called or emailed me and I promise to make the next NVE, and I will not deny that the great pictures Maurice always takes and the fun stories made it hard to not be there. It was great to see so many folks had a great time and at least I was able to get some of the flavor of NVE5 though the quarterly — great stories and tributes to so many deserving Viper owners, mentors, and fans.