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Steve Fess
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Trevor, as Vipers were becoming a little more common at track events in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s  there were some reports of oil filter issues…including with the Mopar 204 Mobil 204 which was sold as a Mopar performance product. The engineers who designed your engine decided that Vipers needed a more robust can and they came up with their own specs which changes based on the startup pressures these motors produce…as I recall said event.

The “White filter” you reference needs further definition since there are two “white” Viper oil filters.

For Gen I, II, and III Vipers the correct, Viper engineer recommended Mopar part number 05037836AB.  This covers all Vipers from 1992 through 2006.  NOTE: In your quest for this filter, be sure NOT to use the AA earlier version of this filter. The later AB version has a needed internal change.

Any CJDR dealership either has or can order this filter for you…somewhere around $15-20 apiece.