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Nick Smith
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Had the same problem with my 2013. No matter how you tried – no horn. Had heard that it could be related to the airbag, so had local Dodge dealer check because I definitely wanted my airbag to work. Airbag checked out fine. In the meantime, I had been continually aggravated by accidentally hitting the radio buttons on the back of the steering wheel when I was turning it. Being old school, I always used the radio controls on the dash. Solution: simple rewiring by disconnecting the radio controls in the steering wheel and replacing with the horn wiring. Took my tech less than an hour. Now the middle (previously radio) steering wheel button on each side is now my horn activator (and you don’t accidentally hit that middle button, only the “rocker” on either side). Sorry, the explanation sounds complicated – it’s not. May not be for everyone, but works for me and saved several hundred bucks for a new airbag and spring assembly which would have to be replaced as a unit to correct the horn problem (per the Dodge dealer).