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Just in case you are not on our e-mail list.   Here is what we sent out today.


Dear Viper Owners:

We are only 3 months away from Viper Rendezvous XV! I am really looking forward to seeing you at the track soon. Considering we are three months out, we actually have three items to bring to your attention.


The vision for Viper Rendezvous is to bring fellow Viper owners together to enjoy their cars in their “natural environment” on the race track while also having a weekend where owners can meet old friends and make some new friends.

Considering that vision, we need your help growing the event. Please spread your Viper passion and invite a friend to join us. Currently we have about 15 openings for drivers. You may pass along this e-mail to your friends and acquaintances and invite them to join us at the track for Viper Rendezvous XV.

Here is a link to registration to share:



We will continue the tradition of a charity auction at the Saturday night banquet. We will be e-mailing you some information about the charity soon and as in past years, we ask that you bring along something that you would like to donate that you think another Viper owner would be interested in having for themselves. In the past we have had tires, Viper parts, posters, clothing, homemade viper memorabilia (viper signs, fire pit, etc.) , collectibles, and really anything you feel a fellow Viper owner would love to have. Please look for the e-mail for more details.



New for 2024 is a practice session on Thursday. This is a little less structured and a non-timed day which will give you a chance to reorient yourself to the track and dust off a few cobwebs. So, if you didn’t sign up for the practice day originally, you can modify your registration and get a little extra practice in on Thursday.

Finally, here is a link to our tentative schedule. See you all at the track!



Ryan Furstenau