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Alternative to spending $3-$4K on the right part is to simply take the opposite knuckle you need from a GEN III/IV vehicle and flip it over.  You would still need to keep the Left side upper and lower control arms but the Gen III/IV arms are no different that I can tell, just a different part number on them as well.

I asked about the knuckles while on a factory tour back in 2016 at the plant as to why they would produce a new part with a new part number when I could not just flip the knuckles over and save $3K… The guy giving us the tour just smiled and gave a thumbs up.  When the tour was done he pulled me aside and said that is all they did to the new part was to put a new part number on the opposite knuckle from the previous generation when casting the mold; that there were no geometry differences between the parts.

I have had zero issues with my Gen V using this process, paying $450 per knuckle back about 9-years ago.


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