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      My outside door latch/access stopped working on our Gen 4.  I noticed prior to it failing it would once in a while take a second depress of the handle to activate the switch.  The door still works as normal when the interior door handle is pulled.  I did wash the car a couple of days before the switch failed and was hoping it would return to function after the switch dried out, as I have read about water getting into the switch wiring.  I’m reluctant to pull the door panel as I broke the panel on our 2005 viper when dealing with replacing a window regulator, due to the hidden top door clips. I’m hoping to find someone with similar experience dealing with this issue.



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      Hey Mike,

      The door switch could def be going bad but lets do a little more diag first. Does the interior door latch do the same thing? You should also check the wiring in between the door and body of the car. Sometimes wires in there can break. To replace the exterior switch isn’t to bad to replace. My shop did a how to on a window regulator that walks you through the door panel removal if that’s something you want to do yourself.


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