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      I got an AARP ad today that was promoting a special deal on classic car insurance.  Long story short, I got a quote for both my ’97 Gen II B/W GTS (I asked for $150K agreed value), and for my 1 of 1 2017 Stryker Purple ACR-E (asked for $300K agreed value).  I expected the price to be crazy, but the for both cars, the quote came out to about $2900 a year with no mileage restrictions and includes “specialty car” flatbed roadside assistance.  They asked me for side view pictures, but beyond that, the process went through to the next step of me paying via credit card and digitally signing a form.

      They reserve the right to ask for more information in the next few days, but if this actually goes through, I think it’s a pretty good deal compared to what I previously experienced with Hagerty.

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      No surprise as AARP is getting into some interesting areas of late, and I went through my American Family Agent for a stated value policy and it was quite reasonable also — again lower than Hagerty. I used Hagerty in the past and they are solid for race car coverage ( off track ) and for awhile they were the way to go with collectible cars. Things have changed in the past decade and more Insurance Companies are seeing the value in covering cars that are not normally driven daily. Thanks for the post and advice many will find valuable!

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