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    • Mark Pecikonis
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      my 2013 gts alarm horn goes off at random times when parked in the garage.   The car is not locked or armed.  The interval vary from short spurts to a 30 second blast.  Main battery is new and has a volt reading of 12.3 after setting several weeks.  Not on trickle charger during this event.

      I disconnected the main battery and replaced key fob batteries.  Will reconnect main battery today but was curious if anyone has experienced this event before?

      Key fob batteries were 2.3 volts (both)  They were replaced with new 2032 batteries.  New voltage 2.8v.

      I have owned this car 4 years and never experienced this problem.


    • Profile photo ofSteve FessSteve-Indy
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      Short term pull horn fuse ( #20 as I recall).

      You MAY have an issue with the horn pad…requiring replacement of driver’s airbag.

      Search “horn pad” on old VOA forum for more info.

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      Same thing happened to me.  I disconnected the battery, gave it a full charge, re-connected everything and the problem went away.  It was an annoying mystery – I thought that rodents might have gotten into the system, but no sign of them at all.

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