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    • Bill Pemberton
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      Holy Cow, the Home Page is announcing the next NVE to be held in 2025 in Pittsburgh with extensive activities at Pittsburgh International Race Complex ( PittRace to NASA,SCCA, and serious Trackrats ).  Jim and Kathy Stout started racing with Viper Days over 2 decades ago and this couple’s love of the Viper took their passion all  the way to purchasing a down on it’s luck race course called Beaver Run. Folks who ran that course so many years back would hardly recognize this World Class road course that is not only a favorite among racers/drivers , it is consistently listed as a ” Bucket List ” track destination for asphalt warriors Nationwide and Canada. What a great place for the next NVE, with all the great roads to cruise near Pittsburgh, but a venue where hopefully the VRL will run and attendees can see Viper races, drive the track , party with everyone, and we will be ” The Convention ” in the area. I am pumped, partly because there is so much to do in Pittsburgh area, but also because we will be going to a track that arguably was redesigned for Vipers. Don’t believe me, ask any Viper TrackSnake who has slithered there and I am sure you will hear accolades. Nice to have the announcement so early, because that means many of us will be able to plan ahead and thanks to the VOA Board for letting us know of their plans so early. I am pumped and hope others are too, as I sincerely think this could be the best NVE ever ( not to take away from the others ) because we will be able to showcase our Rapid Reptiles with a couple of fellow VOA members who have taken their passion for the car to an extreme few could imagine. See a bunch of you in PA. in 2025!!!!



    • Nick Smith
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      Being a “newbie”, I may have missed some previously disseminated information regarding the 2024 National event near Pittsburgh. Please advise re the dates and is there a host hotel ? Looking forward to attending with my 2013. Thanks.

    • Steve Fess
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      Hi, Nick.

      If you are referring to NVE6, the date will be in 2025 at PittRace. As you might guess, there is a lot going on in the planning process at this point.

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