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      Good day fellow G1 and G2 owners!!  Had to make a “funny” thread about our G1’s and G2’s……….

      Though I can see both POV’s on how our cars could look like a Clown shoe or Batman car, how funny is it that our G2’s (and G1’s) are still the iconic Viper of all?  Yeah, G5’s might be considered the pinnacle of the Vipers and they don’t get the same funny expressions as ours.  But for a “Clown shoe / Batman’s car”…..  GOTTA LOVE the G1’s and G2’s.

      ‘Nuff said to start a chat??  Let’s hear it and have some fun.

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      I  cant tell you how many events ive gone to and people have asked if its a lamborghini, ferrari, etc no its a dodge viper .

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