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      It took a while, but Normandin came through with flying colors.  I had a heck of a time trying to get the car down to their shop – scheduling issues, and then weather issues (roads are still wet, rocks are still tumbling down onto the road) so Normandin got their glass guys to come out to my place and did the replacement.  It came out perfect.

      I left the defroster unattached and sealed off the plugs just in case.  I don’t want another exploding glass situation if a passenger accidentally presses the defroster button.

      I still need to get the TSB done, but it’s less of a worry now that the defroster is disabled.

      One thing I noticed is that the physical key doesn’t open the rear hatch.  I turn it, and it just won’t release the lock mechanism.  I’ll have to bring it in for that before the warranty is up.

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      I had the same issue with the rear hatch key. Upon inspection,  I noticed that it doesn’t push the latch release far enough to unlock. I had to Jimmy rig it by adding zipties just to add enough material to be able to push it further.

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