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    • Ben Keethler
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      I wanted to send out a PSA for those who may be on Instagram. A few months ago an account holder with handle “dodge_viper_corvette_outo_shop” asked to follow me. I reviewed their previous posts and it was clear this was a vendor selling new and used parts. I let them follow me and I followed them. The account frequently posted pics of various viper parts. In a recent post I saw a nice Gen 2 steering wheel that had been redone with carbon fiber inserts for a great price $500. I contacted the account and asked them to send me an invoice. They did and this is when things started to get fishy. Out of concern, I asked them to send me a photo of the steering wheel they were going to send me. I recognized the picture that was sent from an eBay seller who refurbs steering wheels, but they had photoshopped a card with my name on it in the background. They continued to send photoshopped images of the steering wheel attempting to make it appear as though it was in their shop and ready to ship. Beware of this account, it is a total scam and someone looking to take your money.

    • RT Serpent
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      Thanks for the heads up.  I just unfollowed them.

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