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    • TheMadMachinist
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      Or dose this new site suck?

      Sorry , I finally got back on here after a couple weeks and how disappointing?

      If I would have had any idea it was going to be like this. I sure wouldn’t have renewed my membership.

    • Profile photo ofShawn HawalkaHootie
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      I agree. I mean I’ll always renew because I still want to help wherever I can. But the other forums I visit are laid out much better. Easier to navigate, prettier and simpler. I was expecting something like Fora based forums and instead we got a one off style that kinda sucks.
      Now let me hit submit, so I can then have to go to menu, forums…..I was going to put whatever sub forum I’m in right now but I have no idea since there no navigation info up top. I guess I’ll start back at the main page, again, and see the huge paragraph saying to join, again. Then guess where I left off 🤦‍♂️

    • Bill Pemberton
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      I have to agree, and I am wondering if this is some new trend, since a couple of other Forums I am on have gone to a similar format. Not sure about the layout and it would be nice to find if it is difficult to switch back to the old standard?  I am sure no one at VOA wants folks to be frustrated , but if we don’t let them know this is a bit of a navigational boondoggle , they have no way of addressing the concerns.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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