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    • Brent Barr
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      Got a bunch of parts I am selling. Off of the top of my head I have the following parts.

      Gen 1/2 headlight passenger side with scratches on the lens and 3 of the 4 mounting studs broken off
      Gen 2 front bumpers
      Gen 2 rear bumpers
      Gen 2 RT10 rear quarter panels
      Gen 2 RT10 trunk lids
      Gen 2 tail lights
      Gen 2 rear turn signals
      Gen 2 dash 99-02
      Gen 2 RT10 rear window
      Gen 2 RT10 entire rear deck/sport bar
      Gen 2 inner fenders
      Gen 2 magnaflow mufflers
      Gen 2 exhaust tips
      Gen 2 hinge covers
      Gen 2 hood vents
      Gen 2 knee bolsters
      Gen 2 damaged rear waterfall panel for an RT10
      Gen 2 MGW console lid/cup holder
      Gen 1/2 windshield cowl
      Gen 2 starter
      Gen 2 wiper arms
      Gen 2 spare wheel/tire
      Gen 2 brake caliper
      Gen 2 intake that was on a car that caught fire
      Gen 2 vortech supercharger powerhead and custom bracket (that is all I have, the rest of the kit is gone)
      Gen 2 99-02 driver side interior door handle with trim bezel
      Gen 2 sport bar pad that is damaged (the mounting holes) but I know guys have repaired the mounting holes

      I will continue to ad things as I come across them, shoot me a message if you are interested in anything.

      Located just outside of Reading, PA

Viewing 0 reply threads
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