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      I know there are plenty of VOA members who are Veterans of our Armed Services ( Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard ) and this entire weekend let us honor and celebrate the great sacrifices they gifted the rest of us to keep the US and the World safe. Many of us try to make sure we recognize those who are in the Armed Forces or have served throughout the year, but on Saturday please make the extra effort , whether it is a call , a text, or an email, to let those friends and love ones who put the Country first know how appreciated they are. I know plenty of close friends who served, yet they are often hesitate to take any credit for the years they and their families spent around the World protecting us. I politely request that those of you who were in the Service of our Country take the time to list your name and branch of Service here on the Forum. So many of you do not feel the need for recognition, but we want to honor you as you honored the rest of us doing the duty you felt was required of you. We appreciate you and let us let you know, please.


      Many thanks to Veterans ( active, retired, National Guard , Reserves ) from a grateful Nation.

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