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      Previously, on the old forum, the VOA board promised regular VOA updates, news and financial information would be posted on the website.  I may be looking in all the wrong places but I haven’t seen any information posted of late (VOA news or really anything). Transparency was always one of the concerns indicated (I would copy some but the forum threads on the matter were disposed of by this same board).


      I am also interested to hear what the board thinks about the forum actions to eliminate non member posting privileges now that it is clear this forum is completely dead without them.  I can’t believe any advertiser would value this site with posts coming at about 1 per week rate.

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      The VOA updates are coming and will be posted. It is on the list to update and publish on the forums. So members like you got on the forums and everything is going fine. Others are still getting access to login. Everyday we help members get logged into the website. So with limited manpower the focus is get everyone access.

      The new forum will take time before activity grows. There is a learning curve. This rollout to get back to pre-website launch of activity growth will take about 90 days.

      The funny thing is anyone could post on the main page without logging into the new forums to the fixed 8 threads we have on the website. This was launched and put into place so that non-members could post and find out about the club. But everyone assumed they could no longer post and went to other places. Now this area was just attacked and we had to lockdown to prevent hacking again.

      The new website has saved 5 plus volunteers from maintaining in which we are in a shortage. So the new website is help us regroup and get new volunteers in place to help with other areas of the club.

      I am in the processing of getting 3 new volunteers to help with the membership experience. I continue to get my volunteers to help with operations which is improving the club. It is a slow process in a world where everyone expects things immediately.

      We have two more sponsors coming on board as we speak. We are getting support from Mopar and are working on spare parts because we are the Viper Owners Association.

      The club is over the financial challenges it had and is stabilized. We are now working on membership experience which includes the website, region events, etc. The new team in place will be able to reduce the time it takes to get things done like communications. I have sent out a monthly email this year to all members to give them a brief update. I will be doing the June 2023 in the next week or so. This is only a start of what we need to do. But at least updates are going out.

      So the key is volunteers. I have been very thankful for everyone that has raised there hand. These volunteers should be thanked for all the hard work.





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