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      I have a passenger-side window regulator fail. It was repaired by Power Window Regulator Repair. I reinstalled the regulator but it will not move up or down. I hear a clicking sound from the box mounted in the door when I apply the window control. Both door handles function and the driver-side window works. The power box mounted in the door frame sounds like a relay clicking. The box on the passenger side door has 4 plugs that I think control the stereo and the door functions. The motor was tested by Power Window repair before shipping. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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      This may help. Does it move with the door closed?  If it does move with door closed, the issue is it needs to relearn the glass travel. Close door, window up to stop and hold switch. Back down and hold. Repeat a few times and it will set the travel limits. If that calibration is lost (mine was lost when I replaced regulator) the window would not operate with door open. This is a safety net to prevent you from rolling it up all the way, then closing the door and the glass smashing into the roof. Won’t operate until it knows the end points.

    • BSLSK
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      Try disconnecting the battery for 30 mins too. I had an issue with mine only going down but not up. The battery disconnect worked for me.

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