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Nick Smith
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Hey Matt. I bought my ‘13 GTS used with 3000 miles. Really great car. Black, of course. Came with the two vent hood. I admit to vacillating on which hood I like better. If I can find a 6 vent, I’ll get it and install it and probably love it. If not – I’ll have two hoods ! When I purchased the car it still had the original Perellis and they looked fine, very little wear. But I didn’t want to take a chance so put on new Michelin SP4s. Didn’t want to separate the original Rattler Hypers so ordered new Venom Hypers which I have on the car now along with the new Michelins. Turns out I’m about 50-50 on the wheels. Both look great on the car. I’m thinking it’ll probably work out that way if I find the 6 vent hood. Every time I look at that car it makes me happy, so as I keep looking for a new hood I’m a happy camper in the meantime. What year is your Viper ? And is it an SRT or were you able to specify the six vent on a GTS ? Thanks.