Viper Owners Association Registration

So the day has come and you have realized your dream of owning a Viper. Now what? Enhance your ownership experience by joining the Viper Owners Association (VOA)! The VOA is made up of some of the most fanatical Viper owners from around the world with one common goal in mind… to find ways to have the most fun with their Vipers! Only owners of Vipers are eligible for national membership.

When you join the VOA you will become a part of one of the best automotive associations in the world. With regions all around the world, a dedicated call center, and a professional magazine – the value you receive are well beyond the average club and is intended for the caliber of owner the Viper brings. The VOA also has a world class web site with discussion boards, “how to’s”, and more (though you need to be an owner to join the club, non-owners can still participate in our club forums).

When registering, you not only gain access to the national Viper Owners Association, but you are automatically enrolled into a local region of your choice as well.  We automatically make a $75 contribution to the Region you select that allows them to plan local activities and events – International Clubs pricing plans reflect no $75 contribution to their region as these regions are too large for local events and activities.

Choose your country affiliation.

United States


If you have questions or need assistance with registration or any member benefits, please call: (888) 778-1545
(M-F-8:30 am to 5 pm EST) You can also email us at