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      Greeting from 2023’/ 24’s NEVOA Vice president, Richard Tarlaian Jr.  I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to my fellow Viper Owners located in RI.  I hope that you take a moment to respond.  If you’ve looked at my profile, you may have noticed that I reside in RI and have an ’01 Sapphire Blue RT/10.  Though I’m still learning how to navigate and utilize this forum, I hope that I can be a resource for you to get the most out of your VOA membership.

      This latest version of the VOA website hopes to serve as a medium for Viper owners to share their experiences, stories and passion for the car.  It also serves as a way to help bring owners together.  If there are any concerns or questions regarding the NEVOA region, our board is eager to hear from you.




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      It’ll be fun, hope to get to meet some members.

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