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      If I list the car it will definitely come with strong feelings in many directions – this car has been my baby from day one.  I just have way two many commitments and the car is not being used like it should be. The purchase of a boat sort of pushed me over the edge – time wise.


      A 2013 single Owner , accident free, Gen5 Viper SRT Track Pack with Prefix:/Arrow 9 liter Stage 2 Heads/Cam – Red/Black (16,000 miles). The car was purchased from Woodhouse Dodge. The car was winter stored at home in a heated garage. For reference Prefix/Arrow was the builder of all Viper Gen5 engines. The final in car tune was by Dick Winkles. Dick was basically the father of the Gen5 viper engine.

      The car had PPF installed in 2013 and was redone in 2021


      ·        Factory Options (see Window Sticker):

      o   Red Leather

      o   Track Pack

      o   Back Up camera

      o   Black Strips

      ·        Engine


      Base Description

      o   Prefix/Arrow 9 Liter Stage 2 Heads/Cam (approx 2000 mile on Prefix/Arrow build) (engine dyno- approx 770 hp see dyno sheet)

      o   Royal Purple HPS has been used since day one and changed every 1000 miles.

      o   Nth Moto triple carbon clutch (less than 1000 miles)

      o   Under-drive pully

      o   Insulated air box – runs approx. ten degrees cooler than OEM, in addition, temp rise is far slower. The insulation can be removed if the OEM look is preferrable.

      o   Engine compartment components are insulated from header heat

      o   Coated ARH Headers/no cats/Corsa (3” all the way)

      o   Prefix/Arrow in-tank fuel pump upgrade

      o   Innovate wideband with logging

      o   Shift light

      o   Prefix/Arrow carbon fiber engine covers

      o   Upgraded silicon spark plug wires

      o   DSE billet non-venting catch can passenger side

      o   Catch can for drivers’ side valve cover

      o   DSE Lithium battery and charger

      o   Red engine cross brace

      o   Short shifter

      o   Accusump


      ·        Driveline

      o   2.66 first gear cluster (shorter) (This fixes the long OEM gear set and also helps with drivability)

      o   Close ratio 5th (shorter/.8) (this allows productive use of 5th gear on a high-speed track or ½ mile events

      o   DSE rear end Diff housing jack point


      ·        Body/Chassis

      o   MCS shocks (ride height can be adjusted) (billet MCS wrenches for height adjustment included)

      o   Ride height lowered

      o   TA stabilizer bar

      o   Rear black fascia

      o   Fuel door black powder coat

      o   2013 PPF – original replaced in 2021

      o   Tow hooks front/rear (front is black billet aluminum)

      o   Black viper OEM badges added to the front panels which are to the rear of the front wheel wells

      o   Rear diffuser


      o    Optional OEM Take-off parts available

      o   OEM headers

      o   OEM cats

      o   OEM Mufflers

      o   OEM shocks (brand new) The MCS shocks were installed by Woodhouse before I picked up the car.

      o   OEM valve train

      o   OEM stabilizer bar

      o   OEM pulley

      o   OEM shifter

      o   OEM spark plug wire set


      ·        Wheels/tires

      o   Daily driver – sidewinders with Toyo  – approx 3000 miles on tires.

      o   The street wheels have a color matching Stryker logo wheel center caps

      o   All wheel/tires have been road force balanced


      ·        Miscellaneous

      o   5-point harnesses

      o   OEM vented hood (standard on SRT)

      o   Stainless fire extinguisher mounted in billet quick release mount (partially under passenger seat.

      o   OEM car cover with storage bag – like new

      o   Sound deadening material added to firewall and trunk area

      o   Leather Bound (new) Maurice Liang, “The Super car Returns”

      o   Custom Viper specific floormats

      o   DSE front/rear stone guards and rear jack pad..


      ·        General Comments

      o   One of the best sounding vipers to be heard

      o   It is loud however, by simply adding cats the sound can be reduced. The factory (take-off) mufflers will reduce the sound further.

      o   With the 9L upgrade and the 2.66 cluster gear, acceleration in 1st, 2nd and 3rd  is unbelievable.

      o   With the numerically low 6th gear (.5), the car cruises at approx 75 mph/1500 rpm.

      o   The car has never been left out in the elements and was winter stored at home in a heated garage.



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